Svelvik, Norway

Building the business

It has been particularly good this year as we have had a nice mix of returning customers and some very high profile new ones. We have also seen a solid increase in the corporate video side of the business.

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kontakt Bakgrunn og erfaring

Professional headshots – a guide

We often get asked questions about headshots, or personal profile images as they are sometimes called. More and more businesses are recognising the importance of these as part of their customer communications strategy. Here we answer some of the most common questions that we are […]

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Industrial Photography

Industrial photography usually means stepping out of the studio and into an unknown environment to photograph your client’s products. In this case it was a commercial bus washing facility. Our client, Atemo, had given us the brief to make the images impactful and “different”. We […]

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Glassware photography

Photographing glassware

Last year we visited a local hand made glassware shop, Glasshytta Union in Drammen, basically to have a look at the products that they produced. They were amazing, such creativity and so beautifully made. As we had previous experience of photographing glassware products we by […]


Golf Photography

After a few weeks in lockdown due to the Coronavirus, it was so nice to get out into the open air to do a Golf photography shoot and produce a series of photographs for our local club here in Drammen, Norway. As members of the […]

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Wall Art Photography

How to create a super sized wall art photography panorama There are big wall art photography jobs and then there are super sized jobs. This one required us to create a super sized panorama for a client. And super sized it was. It was to be […]

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Kommersiell fotografering

Food photography – on the move

Photographing food in a camper van We have just completed the first in what is planned to be a series of food photography based expeditions where we will travel to various parts of the UK staying in a different style of accommodation on each trip. […]

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