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Industrial photography – in a tunnel!

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Sometimes working in industrial photography takes you to unusual places to get the images that a client needs. This shoot was certainly no exception! We had to drive some way into a newly constructed railway tunnel on the outskirts of Drammen, Norway. It was amazing to be able to drive into a railway tunnel before any tracks had been laid. Very dark, quite dusty and a little eerie!

Lighting challenge

Our client, Grythe Maskin, needed images of their equipment inside the tunnel where they had been working for the last two years. The challenge in this environment, was lighting. Obviously no natural light was available and no electricity for our most powerful mains Profoto lights. We had to use our battery operated Profoto lights and the lights from the vehicles themselves. Some of the final images had to be composited from several individual shots. Each shot taken with the lights at different positions in order to bring out the necessary details in the machinery. The images were then combined together in post production to create the final result.

Environmental challenges

Getting images like these is important for clients in order that they can show the kind of environments in which they can work and of course the actual machinery they have available. Industrial photography is one of the areas where the use of a professional photographer is essential in order to obtain the best quality images. This is mainly because of the need to use sophisticated lighting techniques and high end post production retouching.

The day after this shoot we were back with Grythe Maskin to capture images of their snow clearing equipment – a completely different set up with deep blue sky and ice under foot!

If your business is looking for high quality images of the products you make or the services you provide, contact us today and let´s see if we can work together. Check out some of our industrial images here.

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