What type of photographs are important for a cider maker

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Commercial product photography library

For us this was a really interesting long term project which allowed us to use our skills in a variety of environments related to Product Photography. The first challenge was to shoot the cider apples whilst they were being harvested. We the completed an on site production shoot in the cidery showing how the apples were pressed and turned into juice.

Our next shoot was in the orchard at 6:30 one Summer’s morning shooting the new blossom on the apple trees to create a series of editorial product shots. Then came the location shoot at the Folly Inn, Napton to photograph a set of editorial images using the bar as the backdrop.

The final stage was to go into our studio to produce catalogue shots of the bottles of the cider. Effectively creating a full library of images for the client.

Cider making images

It was a real pleasure working with Jolyon and Charlotte at Napton Cidery on this fascinating project. Below are some examples of the images we produced at each stage of the process:

Apple orchard
Apples being harvested

Harvesting the cider apples at the orchard in Shropshire.

Cider apples being harvested

They looked so tasty even on the trees.

Harvesting apples
Apple trees being harvested in the rain

Only one way to get them down and that’s to shake the tree but look at that heavy dew soaking the picker! Note how we have captured the water movement using a slow shutter speed to add dynamics to the shot.

Cider making
Preparing cider apples for pressing

Here we are at the cidery where the first part of the pressing takes place, turning the apples into pulp. The lighting and composition here ensures that the eye goes directly to where we wanted it to – the apples.

Cider making
Pulped cider apples ready for pressing

The pulp is then prepared for the pressing. Because we used backlighting here all of the unimportant parts of the shot were in shadow.

Apple pressing
Cider apples being pressed

And now the juice starts to flow as the apples are pressed. Again the lighting was used to bring out the detail in the flowing juice.

Apple orchard
Cider apple orchard early in the morning

Next season’s apples are starting their life as we shoot the wonderful blossom in a different orchard, this time in Warwickshire.

Apple orchard
Cider apples blossom

Getting there at sunrise gave us the chance to capture the wonderful light at that time of the day.

Lifestyle product photography

Product photography
Scrumpy cider part of any picnic

Product photography can be done in a wide range of locations, now its time for some editorial product shots under the shade of the blossom laden apple trees in the orchard.

Product photography
Perry being served at the picnic

Creating that feeling of early Summer and enjoying the sunshine with some cheese and cider. The use of natural light and fill in flash allowed us to create that feeling.

Product photography
Cider served at the local pub

This time we are shooting in one of the best pubs in the country, The Folly Inn at Napton. So much character in the pub helped us to create a set of wonderful editorial product shots.

Product photography
Blackcurrant cider at the local pub

Catalogue images

Product photography
Cider bottled – catalogue shot
Catalogue photography cider
Catalogue shot of blackcurrant cider

Finally we are back in the studio and producing a set of catalogue shots for the web shop – look at the crisp edges on those bottles and the carefully crafted gradations of light to show the products in their full glory.

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