How to create editorial photographs for the chocolate industry

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Editorial style photographs for Henley Chocolates

This was our third shoot for Sally at Henley Chocolates, this time it was mainly editorial product photography. It was a bumper one with over eighty final images produced over the four days of shooting. We had a mixed brief this time, a batch of truffles shot as catalogue images for use on labels and a whole range of editorial photographs of chocolate bars, truffles, specialities etc.

Consistency of style

Creatively it kept us on our toes as we had to find a different set up for each product, whilst staying within a consistent theme across the specific product groups.

Sally was delighted with the results and the images soon appeared on her web site. See Sally’s testimonial by clicking here. Here are some examples of the images:

Editorial product photography
After Dark Chocolates
Editorial product photography
Chocolate added to a jam!
Hand made truffle – image created for labels – no retouching requested to show a true hand made look
Editorial product photography
Just the thing for your handbag!
Editorial product photography
Hearts and roses created with a romantic feel

Creativity in editorial product photography

Often clients come to us not only for our photographic expertise but also our creativity. We talk to our clients during the briefing phase to get a good understanding of their brand and styling, the emotional take out that they want from the images. This is particularly important when creating editorial product photographs – here are some further examples of how we created life style scenarios for each product.

Editorial product photography
The zesty taste of Limoncello truffles
Image of chocolate
Can you taste the cherries?
Image of orange chocolate
Can you spot the subtle mention of Seville on the page of the book?
Image of ginger chocolate
This time its ginger
Chocolate VW camper van
Notice how the map, keys and sunglasses help tell the story behind the VW van chocolates.

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