Your business values

Each business is different and will strive to find and communicate its own unique selling points. Sometimes those values will be product based, for example the quality of the materials or ingredients. Sometimes it will be the manufacturing or delivery process, or it might be the people behind the business itself that is the key selling point.

We try to get know what it is about your business that makes it different and develop an approach that encapsulates your values into the images that we create. As an example one business might want to build on rustic styling to sell its high quality produce, another might want to build on the historical connections of the area in which the goods are made.

The image below was created to show an example of how the delicious Beer & Honey mustard from our client Tiny Seeds can be eaten – as a complement to pork pie –  this is known as contextual or editorial styling.


Creating such images to capture the unique values of your business is something Andrew and Unni take great care over. Making your business different is how we have made our business different. Why not call us today for an informal discussion on how we may be able to create stunning images for your business – Contact us