Napton Cidery

This was a really interesting long term project for us which allowed us to use our skills in a variety of environments. Our first challenge was to shoot the cider apples whilst they were being harvested. We then completed an on site production shoot in the cidery showing how the apples were pressed and turned into juice. The next phase saw us in the orchard again at 6:30 one Summer’s morning shooting the new blossom on the apple trees and creating a series of editorial product shots. The next stage was an on site shoot at the Folly Inn, Napton where we photographed a set of editorial images using the bar as the backdrop. The final stage was to go into our studio and produce catalogue shots of the bottles of the cider.

It was a real pleasure working with Jolyon and Charlotte at Napton Cidery on this fascinating project. Below are some examples of the images we produced at each stage of the process:


Harvesting the cider apples at the orchard in Shropshire.

OrchardDSC08733 1.jpg

How delicious they look already


Only one way to get them down and thats to shake the tree but look at that heavy dew soaking the picker!

DSC08978 1.jpg

Now we are at the cidery where the first part of the pressing takes place, turning the apples into pulp.

DSC08998 1.jpg

The pulp is then prepared for the pressing.

DSC09212 1.jpg

And now the juice starts to flow as the apples are pressed.

Med Res DSC05122.jpg

Next season’s apples are starting their life as we shoot the wonderful blossom in a different orchard, this time in Warwickshire.

Med Res DSC05128.jpg

Getting there at sunrise gave us the chance to capture the wonderful light at that time of the day.

Med Res DSC05217.jpg

Now its time for some editorial product shots under the shade of the blossom laden apple trees in the orchard.

Med Res DSC05265.jpg

Creating that feeling of early Summer and enjoying the sunshine with some cheese and cider.

Max Res Yarlington no layer 2.jpg

This time we are shooting in one of the best pubs in the country, The Folly Inn at Napton. So much character to help us create a set of editorial product shots.

Max Res Blush no layers 2.jpg

Now doesn’t that look tempting?Max ResCatalogue0258 flat.jpg

Finally we are back in the studio and producing a set of catalogue shots for the web shop – look at the crisp edges on those bottles and the carefully crafted gradations of light to show the products in their full glory.Max ResCatalogue0266 flat.jpg

Food on the move

We have just completed the first in what is planned to be a series of expeditions whereby we will travel to various parts of the UK staying in a different style of accommodation on each trip. The objective of each trip will be to source a range of locally produced products – meat, fish, cheese, bread etc and produce a number of easy to cook, yet interesting meals using the limited resources available within each accommodation. We will use our photographic expertise in food photography to create an interesting angle on cooking whilst away from the home kitchen.

Big thanks to our sponsors – Camper King, Kineton, Warwickshire. Beach House Shop, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall. Vango Outdoor.

Here are just some of the images from our shoot

EditfinalDSC02271 1
Fresh Oysters from Dartmouth
Cooking a fresh lobster from Tintagel in the VW Camper van
EditfinalDSC02396 1
Fresh cooked lobster in the camper
EditfinalDSC02633 1
A tasty combination by the river Dart
Grass reared hand made lamb burger provided by the Beach House, Widemouth Bay and cooked in the camper van.
Cooking mussels by the sea – stove by Vango

Henley Chocolates

This was our third shoot for Sally at Henley Chocolates, this time it was a bumper one with over eighty final images produced over the four days of shooting. We had a mixed brief this time, a batch of truffles shot as catalogue images for use on labels and a whole range of editorial style shots for the chocolate bars, truffles, specialities etc.

Creatively it kept us on our toes as we had to find a different set up for each product, whilst staying within a consistent theme across the specific product groups.

Sally was delighted with the results and the images are already appearing on her web site. Here are some examples:

After Dark Chocolates
Chocolate added to a jam!
Hand made truffle – image created for labels – no retouching requested to show a true hand made look
Just the thing for your handbag!
Hearts and roses created with a romantic feel
The zesty taste of Limoncello truffles
Can you taste the cherries?
Can you spot the subtle mention of Seville on the page of the book?
This time its ginger
Campers3052 1
Notice how the map, keys and sunglasses help tell the story behind the VW van chocolates.

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A World of Time

Untitled Session0992It was great to have the opportunity to work with Matt at A World of Time, an amazing business based in Warwickshire specialising in the sale, restoration and repair of clocks and watches.

The brief for the shoot was to provide a set of images for a new web site for the business along with a number of individual product shots, which were to be used to sell stock on-line.

We wanted to capture the intricacy of the very specialist work that Matt does and to show off his skills and knowledge for use in the main part of the web site. For the clocks and watches, we needed to bring out their high quality whilst maintaining an honest representation of what was being sold. All of the products were genuine items of significant value, so great care had to be taken in handling each one.

Untitled Session0859Above we have one example of a beautiful vintage pocket watch that Matt was selling through his site.

Untitled Session0052

In the above shot we were able to show one of the fabulous Breitling watches in a contextual manner with all of the accompanying original packaging and guarantee papers.


Here we have used a macro approach to show the detail of the workings of one of the vintage pocket watches.

For us this was a really exciting project to work on as we had to combine a number of approaches – workplace shots to show the unique abilities and skills offered by the business, classic catalogue shots for on-line sales and macro work to bring out the details in some of the products. All of this was achieved in a day and half on-site shoot.

Wedding Favours

This was a second shoot for Kevin and Lisa at Springfield Kitchen, this time it is was for their lovely wedding favours. These are small gifts that are given to guests at weddings and incorporate the core products of the business – jams, chutneys etc.

The brief was to develop a range of lifestyle shots to show the products in the context of a wedding table layout. The key to this shoot was creativity. We wanted to create a romantic luxury setting in a fairly high key mood for some of the shots. One had a more rustic feel so a different approach was required there.

We feel that this shoot not only illustrates the technical quality of the end product that we produce but also how we can add creativity to the whole process for our clients.

Below is short video showing some of the images produced – it may take a little while to load but we ask you for your patience as we think it is worth it.

Here is what Kevin and Lisa kindly posted as a review on our Facebook page – “Andrew and Unni took some amazing photos of our products which will help to take our business up a level. Their attention to detail is fantastic. We can’t recommend highly enough and will use them again in the future. Many thanks.”

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The Powis Arms


This was a very interesting shoot for us. Whilst staying for a short break at Walcot Hall in Shropshire, we were asked by the owners to undertake a shoot of the The Powis Arms public house. The pub has recently been taken back into the direct control of the Walcot Estate and is going through a very nice revamp. So one week later we returned to the estate for the actual shoot.

Our brief was to take images of selected plated dishes that have been developed by the chef and shots of the newly refurbished bedrooms (they also provide B&B) and the bar areas.

It was a great team effort by all the staff and owners of the pub including Amanda, the new manager.

We started in the bar area before the lunch time customers started arriving and even managed some shots of the owners’ dogs as they laid by the open fire.


We then moved on to taking the food shots – here we were very fortunate as the chef and staff produced some magnificent dishes all presented very professionally.


Finally, we moved on to one of the bedrooms. This had been tastefully styled by Amanda and the team to show the cosy, warm atmosphere that they have now created.


Off to a flyer

gb-header-12016 saw the start of the business and it really went better than we could have forecast. During the first six months I finished off my Level 3 City & Guilds Photography studies at Royal Leamington Spa College and after lots of hard work I was delighted to receive Distinctions in all areas. That was the impetus we needed to start the business. So after 40 years of taking photographs as a hobbyist, I had finally achieved my schoolboy dream of becoming a commercial photographer.

But starting a business is one thing, making it all happen is another. Now the real work started – how to get clients? The first thing to do was to build an initial portfolio. To do this Unni and I approached a number of businesses and explained what we were trying to do and to our delight we had a really positive response – the results of which you can see in some of the previous posts on this blog.

Within a few months we had built our initial portfolio and developed the web site and created the Facebook page for the business Check it out here.

In December, we made a significant investment in top of the range Profoto studio lighting equipment and quickly put it to use in a shoot we did for Gosh Boutique (a new blog post on this to follow soon).

January is looking good with three shoots already agreed – one fashion, one product and one food related. Unni and I are really excited to get working on these new challenges. If you are looking for images to promote your business why not contact us today for an initial chat. Contact us.

Thanks to all that have supported us so far, we look forward to working again with you soon.

Cowshed Eaterie & Tea Rooms

Big breakfast being served by Rod

Last week we had the pleasure of working on a shoot for the Cowshed at Wootton Wawen near Henley in Arden, Warwickshire. Our brief for this assignment was to try to capture the atmosphere of the warm, relaxing environment of the eaterie and show customers enjoying themselves and the wonderful food.

The owners, Rod and Julia wanted us to try to show energy in the images through movement blur and contemporary angles. The challenge on this shoot, apartment from getting hungry again looking at all the lovely food, was not to interfere with the normal running of the establishment. We were very aware of not disrupting the customers or making them feel uncomfortable. We were careful to engage with the customers before taking their photographs and they were all so friendly and happy for us to snap away.

The images were well received by Julia and the plan is to use them on social media and other marketing materials and we may even see them on the wall of the restaurant.

We will be back there again after Christmas to complete a shoot of the kitchen and plated foods. We really look forward to that.

Having a laugh and joke are all part of the atmosphere here.
Meeting up for a chat and catching up on the latest news

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Hinton’s Specialist Bakehouse

The big challenge for this shoot was self discipline in the presence of such amazing pies. We were delighted to get the opportunity of working with Emma and Ian Hinton, especially as they kindly invited us into their home bakery to undertake the shoot. They wanted us to try to capture some editorial style shots of their produce for use on their website, which they are currently working on and for other marketing materials.

The produce had been freshly baked and allowed to cool prior to the shoot but needed to be kept in the right conditions to keep it fresh, which is why the shoot was conducted at the bake house rather than in our studios.

We particularly did not want to create bland white or black backdrops but rather keep the homely touch by giving small hints of real world elements such as furniture etc just out of focus.

We wanted to try to create a range of treatments but to retain the home baked feel as this is what makes the business really special. One of the first shots incorporated the old “cooking range”, slightly out of focus in the background, to add to the traditional feel.


We then explored alternative shots of this amazing pie, including a shot of the cut out to show the lovely layers of meat:

The next shots show different approaches to the same subject including top down and a carefully styled editorial scenario. The very directional lighting shows the nice texture in the product:

Then we looked at sausage rolls and other fabulous filled pastry rolls, including vegetarian and curry flavoured ones. Here we wanted to show the sheer volume of filling and try to emphasise how succulent they are:

The next set up was for some individual vegetarian pies. We gradually built up this set from a solitary pie to the shot you see below where we created a feeling that it was a summery lunch time snack. The use of higher key lighting helps to create the feeling of warm, light, airy summer days.


Finally, we set up a full banquet as would be provided by Hinton’s when they cater for corporate events etc. The challenge here was to show the scale and range of products that they can provide and to set it out in appealing way:


Emma and Ian were delighted with the results of the shoot – and we were delighted with the wonderful lunch they served us after we had finished shooting and with the additional pies that they sent us home with. They are a wonderful couple and it was a real pleasure to do the shoot for them. We wish them well with some new and exciting plans that they have in the near future and hope to be part of that in some way.

Henley Chocolates

What could be better than being surrounded by chocolates? This is how we were when we did a location shoot for family run business Henley Chocolates. The business is located in a fabulous converted farmyard at Yew Tree Farm Craft Centre, Wootton Wawen, B95 6BY.

Initially, we had planned to shoot the products in the retail shop that Sally, the owner, runs on the site. However, as we would be using studio lights and backgrounds etc we felt that it might interfere with her customers too much. So, Sally arranged for us to use one of the other units on the site that was empty.

This turned out to be a great space to work in and we had soon set up all the kit and were starting to put together the editorial style images that we had been tasked to do. Sally is very keen to push the environmental side of the business and so we had prepared ourselves by gathering some fabulous autumn leaves to work in harmony with her new branded packaging. Here is one of the shots we started with:


We followed up on this theme with a couple of variations:


Our next set up was to capture some scenarios for Christmas promotions. This time we used the black mirrored set up to create atmosphere.

The next challenge was to shoot the hot chocolate making kit and put it into a real life perspective, as would be found in a typical advertisement. Here we have given the dreamy soft glow to add warmth and effect:



Sally was really delighted with the results of the shoot and we certainly enjoyed working with her in putting the project together. For us to work in such a great environment was a pleasure and we look forward to working there again someday soon.