Fresh lobster at the fish monger - seafood photography

Food on the move

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Food photography

We have just completed the first in what is planned to be a series of expeditions whereby we will travel to various parts of the UK staying in a different style of accommodation on each trip. The objective of each trip will be to source a range of locally produced products – meat, fish, cheese, bread etc and produce a number of easy to cook, yet interesting meals using the limited resources available within each accommodation. We will use our photographic expertise in food photography to create an interesting angle on cooking whilst away from the home kitchen.

Our sponsors

Big thanks to our sponsors – Camper King, Kineton, Warwickshire. Beach House Shop, Widemouth Bay, Cornwall. Vango Outdoor.

Here are just some of the images from our shoot

Cooking in the camper van

EditfinalDSC02271 1
Fresh Oysters from Dartmouth
Cooking a fresh lobster from Tintagel in the VW Camper van
EditfinalDSC02396 1
Fresh cooked lobster in the camper
EditfinalDSC02633 1
A tasty combination by the river Dart
Grass reared hand made lamb burger provided by the Beach House, Widemouth Bay and cooked in the camper van.
Cooking mussels by the sea – stove by Vango

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