Off to a flyer

gb-header-12016 saw the start of the business and it really went better than we could have forecast. During the first six months I finished off my Level 3 City & Guilds Photography studies at Royal Leamington Spa College and after lots of hard work I was delighted to receive Distinctions in all areas. That was the impetus we needed to start the business. So after 40 years of taking photographs as a hobbyist, I had finally achieved my schoolboy dream of becoming a commercial photographer.

But starting a business is one thing, making it all happen is another. Now the real work started – how to get clients? The first thing to do was to build an initial portfolio. To do this Unni and I approached a number of businesses and explained what we were trying to do and to our delight we had a really positive response – the results of which you can see in some of the previous posts on this blog.

Within a few months we had built our initial portfolio and developed the web site and created the Facebook page for the business Check it out here.

In December, we made a significant investment in top of the range Profoto studio lighting equipment and quickly put it to use in a shoot we did for Gosh Boutique (a new blog post on this to follow soon).

January is looking good with three shoots already agreed – one fashion, one product and one food related. Unni and I are really excited to get working on these new challenges. If you are looking for images to promote your business why not contact us today for an initial chat. Contact us.

Thanks to all that have supported us so far, we look forward to working again with you soon.

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