Cowshed Eaterie & Tea Rooms

Big breakfast being served by Rod

Last week we had the pleasure of working on a shoot for the Cowshed at Wootton Wawen near Henley in Arden, Warwickshire. Our brief for this assignment was to try to capture the atmosphere of the warm, relaxing environment of the eaterie and show customers enjoying themselves and the wonderful food.

The owners, Rod and Julia wanted us to try to show energy in the images through movement blur and contemporary angles. The challenge on this shoot, apartment from getting hungry again looking at all the lovely food, was not to interfere with the normal running of the establishment. We were very aware of not disrupting the customers or making them feel uncomfortable. We were careful to engage with the customers before taking their photographs and they were all so friendly and happy for us to snap away.

The images were well received by Julia and the plan is to use them on social media and other marketing materials and we may even see them on the wall of the restaurant.

We will be back there again after Christmas to complete a shoot of the kitchen and plated foods. We really look forward to that.

Having a laugh and joke are all part of the atmosphere here.
Meeting up for a chat and catching up on the latest news

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