Hinton’s Specialist Bakehouse

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The big challenge for this shoot was self discipline in the presence of such amazing pies. We were delighted to get the opportunity of working with Emma and Ian Hinton, especially as they kindly invited us into their home bakery to undertake the shoot. They wanted us to try to capture some editorial style shots of their produce for use on their website, which they are currently working on and for other marketing materials.

The produce had been freshly baked and allowed to cool prior to the shoot but needed to be kept in the right conditions to keep it fresh, which is why the shoot was conducted at the bake house rather than in our studios.

We particularly did not want to create bland white or black backdrops but rather keep the homely touch by giving small hints of real world elements such as furniture etc just out of focus.

We wanted to try to create a range of treatments but to retain the home baked feel as this is what makes the business really special. One of the first shots incorporated the old “cooking range”, slightly out of focus in the background, to add to the traditional feel.


We then explored alternative shots of this amazing pie, including a shot of the cut out to show the lovely layers of meat:

The next shots show different approaches to the same subject including top down and a carefully styled editorial scenario. The very directional lighting shows the nice texture in the product:

Then we looked at sausage rolls and other fabulous filled pastry rolls, including vegetarian and curry flavoured ones. Here we wanted to show the sheer volume of filling and try to emphasise how succulent they are:

The next set up was for some individual vegetarian pies. We gradually built up this set from a solitary pie to the shot you see below where we created a feeling that it was a summery lunch time snack. The use of higher key lighting helps to create the feeling of warm, light, airy summer days.


Finally, we set up a full banquet as would be provided by Hinton’s when they cater for corporate events etc. The challenge here was to show the scale and range of products that they can provide and to set it out in appealing way:


Emma and Ian were delighted with the results of the shoot – and we were delighted with the wonderful lunch they served us after we had finished shooting and with the additional pies that they sent us home with. They are a wonderful couple and it was a real pleasure to do the shoot for them. We wish them well with some new and exciting plans that they have in the near future and hope to be part of that in some way.

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