Springfield Kitchen

We met this client at a food festival in Alcester and were taken in by their lovely products – so different and so tasty. In this shoot we tried to capture the essence of the business through the association with good natural ingredients as you will see from this image.

Springfield Kitchen0314 1 2.jpg

We also tried to show the product in context through the creation of this breakfast scene where the lovely marmalade is being promoted. Note the careful placement of the props and modern lighting style to create an airy feel to the image.springfield-kitchen1126

Here we have tried to create mood and emotion using the warm colours of autumn to give the feeling the chilli’s in the jam might give on cold day.


Some further examples from the shoot showing an editorial style using the classic black mirrored finish:

The client was very happy with the results of the shoot and is keen to continue to develop this approach with us. Call us today to discuss how we may be able to help your business – Contact us

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