Tiny Seeds Shoot

Blueberries with goats cheese This was our second shoot for Coventry based Tiny Seeds. Following the success of our first shoot the business decided to use us to produce a full range of product shots for their web based shop. They also wanted us to produce some additional editorial style shots for them. Right is one showing the lovely pickled blueberries with goats cheese.

We discussed if the product shots should be on a plain white seamless background or with a mirrored finish. They decided to go with the plain background without the  mirror but we couldn’t resist producing some of the editorial images with a black mirrored approach.

Beer & Honey mustard

This one was a particular challenge as the beer bottle label was full gloss, which meant that wherever we placed the lights they were reflected like mirrors. In the end the image is made up of 5 individual shots all combined to eliminate the unwanted reflections.

Whilst the beer is important in this shot in that it is an ingredient, the jar of mustard was the item being sold so it was important that this element carried the strongest area of light within the image.

The client was delighted with the work and are now in the process of upgrading their web shop with the new catalogue shots – an example of which can be seen below.

Chilli and Ginger Red Cabbage

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